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  • by PhillyGurl215 on 07/28/2021
  • Rating:4 Star Rating: Good
  • Food was good and there was plenty. A little expensive but nowadays everything that wasn't expensive is now. I miss the Aramingo Diner, late night meals & the cheesecake was to die for! But from what I can tell & taste this diner is going to be my fill-in. Great spot, great food!
  • by True Review on 07/05/2021
  • Rating:4 Star Rating: Good
  • The food at Fishtown Diner is comparable to other diners. It’s good and it’s edible, especially when you’re hungry. Some items are better than others. Just like everywhere else. The portions are large. The prices are a bit high for a diner. The staff was nice but the service was slow. It was busy though. It was clean. That’s always a plus.
  • by Christine Porter on 06/08/2021
  • Rating:5 Star Rating: Excellent
  • Stopped in here for a bite to eat with one of my girls. I got a turkey BLT wrap on a spinach wrap( I added cheddar cheese). It was delicious as were my sweet potato fries. The wrap is a really nice size, I'll be enjoying the second half for dinner. Our waitress was great too. Unfortunately I suck with names but she was friendly and helpful.
  • by Cassie Rivera on 08/28/2021
  • Rating:1 Star Rating: Poor
  • The food was good but the staff were rude. I was sitting eating and heard the staff talking about me while I was seated. I stopped going and now do pick up but they rarely answer and when they do they have an attitude and have sometimes said that I “have the wrong number” and hang up even though I have called the number for food before .
  • by Disha Hickman on 08/28/2021
  • Rating:3 Star Rating: Average
  • This was truly a disappointment. My boyfriend went to Fishtown Diner the day before I went. And brought home some really good French toast. We decided to go the day after, because he said that the food was pretty decent. To my surprise, the dine in food & experience was no where near the expectations I set for the diner. There were fruit flies. There’s a sign on the diner door that says wear a mask. However many of the cooks did not have a mask on. They gave us dirty eating utensils. I had to ask for plastic. I understand that all days are not a positive one and that waitressing is stressful. I am no way shape or form trying to bash our server. However our server did not introduce herself, or check on us unless we called for her. The food was blan. I asked for my eggs to be removed from the bill because I didn’t like them. I took one bite, and that was all. I asked for them to be removed but they were still on the bill even after she said she would remove it. The pancakes were okay. My boyfriend had the shrimp and grits which comes out separately, you have to combine them on your own. There was a 30min or so wait for 2 people.