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  • by Daniel Ortiz on 05/14/2022
  • Rating:1 Star Rating: Poor
  • The place is dirty and bad maintained. Yet they charge $49 every year for a maintenance fee. I tried to canceled my membership with them. Every 13th they take the money, I came the 14th of may to cancel. I agreed to pay for this month for the short notice, yet they charged me another $26 ??? The lady said they don’t count the day of, and even so, counting from the 15 of may to the 13 is 30 days of notice. These people don’t care about their gym and they try to scam you. Their solution was to come back Monday when the manager is in the facility. I live 30 mins from the gym and I’ve had to come back for this issue 3 times already. Disgraceful. To cancel my membership I had to take $100 out of my pocket.
  • by Lorena Custis on 04/19/2022
  • Rating:1 Star Rating: Poor
  • The “manager” Jocelyn said that they do not honor the Free Complimentary Gym Pass. Mind you, it was my first time ever attending the gym. Why even have the option to get a free pass, if it’s not honored!? She told me I had to pay $10 in order to enter. She was rude and nasty. The “manager” was not knowledgeable of anyone above her that I can contact about this situation. I do not recommend any one going to this gym. NOT WELCOMING at all to new customers.
  • by Afrah Talpur on 01/12/2022
  • Rating:1 Star Rating: Poor
  • Its a poor gym only trying to grab money as much as they can. I had the membership, when I signed up no one explained their rule if charging maintenance fees as soo. as you sign up and you can not opt out even if u join for a week and decide to withdraw. I found out later when the agreement arrived in my email. Any ways i decided to discontinue my membership they said i have to pay another month although i had already paid for the same month once. Also pay 75 for the yearly maintenance. Disappointed. WILL NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE.
  • by Djulieta Machidon on 07/04/2018
  • Rating:3 Star Rating: Average
  • I don’t know who is owner here but I think he didn’t check what is going on inside. the yoga mats are in the worst condition - dirty and broken. they really need to be changed. if you are too sensitive you can get a rash after a workout on them. 2 years ago here was PIYO classes and I really enjoyed them and the trainer. sad that now everywhere is a lot of Zumba only. some of training apparatus look horrible. I post a picture here one week ago of the leg curl equipment , and no it is repaired. Aliluia one good thing 😁 glass in one room stays broken 2-3 weeks already and they put scotch on it. it is not very clean. I can’t wait to finish this year and to change to another gym
  • by Duane Rofel on 11/17/2019
  • Rating:1 Star Rating: Poor
  • For service / gym condition I think 20 dollars a moth is too much , the guy who clean does his best to keep clean everything but is not enough . Holes and unfinished walls , sauna need deep clean and wood change